S3 Design & Manufacture

S3 Design & Manufacture Course Outline

S3 Design and Manufacture

Course Skills

  • Design Skills
  • Initiate, create and develop Design Proposals
  • Come up with solutions to Design Problems
  • Design and Manufacture solutions to design problems
  • Practical Skills
  • Develop hand manufacturing techniques and processes
  • Develop skills in using machinery
  • Other Skills
  • Creativity, flexibility and adaptability
  • Independence and Resilience
  • Critical Thinking
  • Confidence
  • Responsibility and Reliability


Flat Frame Project (Design and Make)

Famous Designers (Research and Presentation)

Tea Light Holders (Design and Make)

Multimedia Holder (Research, Design and Make)

Storage Unit (Full N4/5 Style Design and Make Project)


Pupils will be given homework at regular intervals. This homework will be related to the topic of work that they are undertaking at the time.


Assessment will take place throughout each project as well as at the end of each topic.

Leads On To

This course will prepare pupils to undertake the following courses

N4/5 Design and Manufacture

N4/5 Practical Woodworking

N4/5 Practical Metalworking