School Bus Service

There are 2 main buses to and from Millburn Academy.  You can get the buses in the morning from Daviot, Tomatin, Moy, Millton of Leys etc. The buses take 40 minutes at the most to get to Millburn but if there is a delay (e.g. Snow) and you are late, report to reception for this to be recorded and move quickly to your class.

You will be given a bus pass by the school that allows you to get on the bus for free. Although you are not usually asked for it, you should keep this on you at all times in case there is an inspection, although there rarely is.  If you lose it, contact the school Office and you will be issued with a new one.  If your bus pass expires, you will be issued with a new one by the school.

At the end of the day you will go to the front gates on Diriebught Road and get on the bus. If you are worried about getting the wrong bus ask the bus driver and he will tell you if you are on the right one. You should go straight to the bus as it only waits 5 minutes after the bell.

There are also a few bus monitors on each bus. They are there to make sure that everyone behaves responsibly and will tell you if you are doing something wrong.  If you ignore them you could be reported to senior management.

The Bus Rules are

  • Face The Front
  • Stay Seated
  • No Throwing Things
  • No Fighting
  • No Eating Or Drinking
  • Seat Belts Must Be Worn
  • Don’t distract the driver
  • Respect paying customers
  • No foul language

If you lose your pass please inform the office who will order you a new pass (£5 charge) and a temporary bus pass can be issued in the meantime (£5 charge if temporary pass is not returned/lost).