Department Information


Welcome to the Craft, Design and Technology Department. We offer a wide range of Technological Education courses at varying levels, which are taught in bright, stimulating and safe environments. We have three multi-purpose workshops, 1 Technological Studies room, 2 Graphic Communication Rooms and a Design room.

The Department is well resourced, we have more than 70 Personal Computers, interactive whiteboards, Colour A3 / Laser printers and a variety of Technological Studies and Workshop equipment.

Our Team is made up from four full time Teachers (Mr G Clark PT, Mr A Carter, Mr M Laidlaw, Miss T Robertson),  2 part-time teachers (Mr D Dent and Mr J Kirk) and a Technician (Mr D Kirkham). Together, we have a wide base of knowledge and expertise which we aim to deliver to all our students.




We moved into our new accommodation in October 2008. These photos were taken during April 2009.


Room 131 – Dual purpose Workshop (Metalwork bias)




Room 132 –   Dual purpose Workshop (Mainly S1/S2 class use)





Room 134 – Dual purpose Wokshop (Woodwork Bias)




Room 136 – Technological Studies Room (Also Graphics and Design)




Room 138 – Graphic Communication (1)




Room 142 – Graphic Communication (2)




Room 143 – Product Design




Prep Room – Where all wood and metal is prepared