World Book Day 2010

World Book Day, Thursday, 4th March 2010

World Book Day was celebrated in style in Millburn with many, varied activities some of which lasted the whole week! Book tokens were given out to every pupil in the school during the week with the possibility of buying one of the books that was specially published for World Book Day.

A book swap was launched where pupils brought in books from home they thought were worth reading and left them in the library for other people to read.

Pupils got the chance to read a passage from a book of their choice at the start of each period, which was very enjoyable as there were so many different genres of books chosen.

The usual teacher character book competition took place and sent English pupils on a quest around the school answering questions on books and their characters. This was won by S2 pupil Fraser Mackay.

There was a launch of The Book Of The Month which was voted on by all S1 in their library time and the winner was Robert Muchamore’s Cherub series. In future, a different S1 class will vote on the book of the month and there will be a display in the library.

And there was great enthusiasm and feedback from S1 pupils and their families on the sheets about “Why do you like books?” There was lots of positive response and there were some of the comments:

“They interest me.! “They widen my vocabulary.” “It is a nice, peaceful thing to do at the end of the day. “They last forever and take me into a different world.”

Thank you to everyone who participated in the day to make it such an enjoyable experience for all!

 Jeni Fraser S6