Staff: Mr A McDiarmid PT, Mrs J Lindsay, Mr J Money p/time, Mrs C FRaser (also History)

Geography is the subject which holds the key to our future
Michael Palin


Geography will help you:

  1. understand the environment at local and global scales;
  2. investigate your world through fieldwork;
  3. consider the background to, and impacts of, decisions that effect the world we live in;
  4. develop a wide range of transferable skills;
  5. use computers and other technology for analysis/presentation;
  6. understand and appreciate other cultures in UK and throughout the world;
  7. locate and learn about of a broad range of countries and environments;

Geography will help you to be more aware of the everyday life and problems of the people who live around you, in other parts of the UK, and across the world. Geography is a highly topical subject, ever changing as world events unfold.  When you see newspaper items or television reports describing a controversial new wind farm, for example, then your geography course will help you make sense of the debate.  Geography will make you a better, more aware citizen.